Lopolight is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality marine navigation lights. Their extensive product line includes a diverse range of lights designed to ensure the safety and visibility of vessels in various maritime environments.

One of their popular offerings is the Lopolight Series 101-003 - Starboard & Port Side Light. This light, with a 1 Nautical Mile range, is perfect for horizontal mounting and comes in both silver and black housing options. It features green and red lights, allowing for clear identification of the vessel's direction to other boaters.

For those seeking a versatile option, the Lopolight Series 101-005 - Tri-Color Navigation Light is an excellent choice. With a 1 Nautical Mile range, this light also offers horizontal mounting and comes in silver and black housing. Its tri-color design ensures that other vessels can easily determine the underway status of the boat, enhancing safety on the water.

If you require lights with a larger range, Lopolight offers the Series 201-003 - Starboard & Port Sidelight and the Series 201-005 - Tri-Color Navigation Light, both with a 2 Nautical Mile range. These lights are designed to be horizontally mounted and are available in black housing (for a sleek and modern look) or silver housing (for a classic and timeless appearance). Their enhanced visibility provides added safety, especially in areas with heavy marine traffic.

For masthead lighting needs, Lopolight presents the Series 201-011 - Masthead Light and the Series 201-011 - Double Stacked Masthead Light, both with an impressive 3 Nautical Mile range. Designed with a horizontal mount, these lights are essential for ensuring the vessel's visibility from a distance. Choose between black housing for a bold and striking look or silver housing for a more refined and elegant appearance.

Lopolight's dedication to producing top-quality navigation lights is evident in their diverse product range. Whether you need lights for a small vessel or a large yacht, they have options to suit your specific requirements. With Lopolight, you can sail with confidence knowing that your vessel is equipped with reliable and high-performing navigation lights.
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