Attwood Marine

Attwood Marine is a reputable brand that specializes in producing high-quality marine products. With a wide range of offerings, they cater to the needs of boat owners and enthusiasts. One of their popular products is the Attwood Frosted Globe All-Around Pole Light W/2-Pin Locking Collar Pole. This 12V light ensures visibility and safety on the water, providing a clear signal to other vessels.

Another notable product from Attwood Marine is the Sahara Automatic Bilge Pump S500 Series. With a powerful 500 Gph capacity, this 12V pump effectively removes water from the bilge, keeping your boat dry and free from potential damage. The S750 and S1100 Series are higher capacity variants, ideal for larger boats or those in need of increased water removal.

In terms of bilge pumps, the Tsunami series by Attwood Marine offers efficient water evacuation. The Tsunami Bilge Pump T500 is a popular choice, providing a 500 Gph maximum flow rate. Additionally, Attwood offers replacement cartridge motors for the Tsunami T500, T800, and T1200 pumps, ensuring long-lasting performance and easy maintenance.

For improved ventilation in your boat, the Attwood Turbo 3000 Series In-Line Blower is a great choice. Powered by 12V, this blower efficiently moves air throughout your vessel, removing odors and ensuring a fresh atmosphere. Similarly, the Turbo 4000 Series II In-Line Blower is another reliable option that comes in a sleek white design.

Attwood Marine is known for manufacturing durable and reliable products. Their wide range of offerings provides boat owners with peace of mind, knowing that they can trust their equipment while enjoying their time on the water. Whether you require lighting, bilge pumps, or ventilation solutions, Attwood Marine has your needs covered.
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