Si-tex is a highly reputable brand known for producing a wide range of high-quality marine electronics and navigational equipment. One of their notable products is the Si-Tex Vector Pro G2 (15) Gyro Compass, which provides accurate heading data for any vessel. With its advanced technology, this compass ensures precise navigation even in challenging conditions.

Another popular product from Si-tex is the Si-Tex Vector 3D GPS Compass with Gyro & NMEA 0183. This innovative compass combines GPS and gyro technology to provide accurate and reliable heading information. It is compatible with multiple systems and can be easily integrated into existing navigation setups.

For sailboat owners, Si-Tex offers the SP-110 system with rudder feedback and mechanical remote drive. Available in two stroke lengths, this system is designed to enhance sailing experience and improve maneuverability. Whether your sailboat has a displacement of 13,200 or 15,400, this system is a reliable choice.

To ensure a seamless installation of their products, Si-tex provides the EC7 flush mount kit. This kit allows for a neat and professional installation of various Si-tex devices, ensuring they are securely mounted and easily accessible for operation.

When it comes to chartplotters and sounders, Si-tex offers the SVS-760CF dual frequency chartplotter sounder. Equipped with C-Map charts and a transom mount triducer, this device provides accurate depth readings and detailed navigation information. Additionally, Si-tex offers multiple transducer options, including the 1700/50/200T-CX, 307/50/200T 8P, bronze 12 degree, and bronze 20 degree, allowing users to select the best option for their specific needs.

Overall, Si-tex is a trusted brand that provides reliable, high-performance marine electronics for a wide range of applications. Their gyros compasses, GPS systems, chartplotters, and sounders are designed to enhance navigation and improve the overall boating experience. With their commitment to quality and technological innovation, Si-tex continues to be a top choice for boaters worldwide.
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