Dock Edge

Dock Edge is a trusted and renowned brand that specializes in producing high-quality products for docking and marine applications. With a wide range of innovative solutions, Dock Edge caters to the needs of boat owners, marinas, and waterfront enthusiasts. Their products are designed to provide superior protection and durability, ensuring a long-lasting solution for any docking requirement.

One of Dock Edge's popular products is the Dockushion Premium Foam Profile. Available in a large 48" size and putty color, this foam profile offers excellent cushioning and impact protection for your dock. It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and heavy boat traffic, providing reliable and long-term performance.

Another noteworthy product from Dock Edge is the Dockorner Premium Foam Profile. Designed for corners, this large 9" corner foam profile in putty color provides superb protection to prevent damage caused by boat impact. It is easy to install and offers excellent resistance to weathering and aging, ensuring peace of mind and safety for your dock.

Dock Edge also offers the Dockap Premium Foam Profile, which is a large 2" cap in putty color. This foam profile acts as a protective barrier for exposed edges and corners, preventing accidents and injuries. It is highly resilient, providing effective impact protection while maintaining its shape and appearance.

For those in need of PVC profiles, Dock Edge's "C" Guard Economy PVC Profiles and Standard "D" PVC Profile are go-to options. The "C" Guard Economy PVC Profiles come in a convenient 10-foot roll and are white in color. Designed for added protection against impacts and scratches, these PVC profiles offer durability and easy installation.

The Standard "D" PVC Profile also comes in a 16-foot roll and is white in color. It provides an efficient solution for edging and corner applications, ensuring a neat and finished appearance. Both the "C" Guard Economy and Standard "D" PVC Profiles are resistant to UV rays and marine degradation, ensuring long-lasting performance.

To secure and fasten profiles, Dock Edge offers Stainless Steel Profile Fasteners in a pack of 100 pieces with a 1" size. These fasteners are corrosion-resistant and provide reliable attachment for Dock Edge profiles, assuring stability and longevity.

Lastly, Dock Edge presents the Dolphin Dockside Bumpers, available in various sizes and white color. The 7" x 16" straight bumper provides exceptional protection to docks, boats, and other surfaces exposed to impact. The 8.5" x 24" bumper offers extra coverage for larger docking areas, ensuring comprehensive safeguarding. The 12" x 12" corner bumper is specifically designed to protect dock corners from damage caused by vessels and boats. Made from high-quality materials, these Dolphin Dockside Bumpers are built to withstand harsh conditions and provide reliable protection.

Dock Edge is committed to delivering top-notch products that prioritize safety, durability, and functionality. With their extensive range of docking and marine accessories, they are a go-to brand for customers seeking reliable solutions to their docking needs. Whether you need cushioning profiles, PVC profiles, or dockside bumpers, Dock Edge ensures quality and satisfaction every time.
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